Chocolate Hills

Chocolate Hills in Bohol, Philippine


Visiting Chocolate Hills

The Chocolate Hills are smack in the centre of the island of Bohol, in the Visayas island group in the southern Philippines.

Travel to Bohol

Bohol can easily be accessed by air via Manila. Cebu Pacific and Philippine Airlines have daily flights to Tagbilaran. There is another airport in Ubay, but it is not currently used by the local major airlines.

By boat, access points are in Tagbilaran, Tubigon, Jagna, Ubay, Talibon, and Jetafe, connected to Cebu, Manila, Leyte, Mindanao, Siquijor, and Negros.

The most popular option is to get to Cebu city via the airport and from there to take a 90 minute ferry to Tagbilaran.

There are nine ships daily running between Cebu and Tagbilaran and a one-way ticket costs 500 pesos while a return ticket costs 800 pesos.

Getting around

Once you arrive in the main city, you will need another ride to the central part of the island, to the town of Carmen.

You have plenty of options to get there. First, you can book one of the many tours available that will take you to other destinations as well. If you don’t want to book a tour, you can rent a car or a jeepney in Tagbilaran. If you want to ride a scooter or a small motorbike you will be able to rent one for a day for 400 pesos.

Alternatively you can take taxis as well, but these are not the cheapest nor the most adventurous ways to get to the hills.