Chocolate Hills

Chocolate Hills in Bohol, Philippine


Accommodation in Bohol

If you want to spend your night around the chocolate hills, you do not have a great diversity of hotels to choose from. The only accommodation with a view to the hills is the government run Chocolate Hills complex.

There are better places to stay in the island of Bohol from budget oriented hostels to luxurious resorts.


Nuts Huts A highly-recommended tourist and backpacker-friendly place located along Loboc River and surrounded by dense forests. It’s a great location if you value getting in touch with nature and escaping the city life. It’s accessible via any transport on the main road or via boat on the river. The European owners are very friendly and check on their guests often.

Hotel La Roca, Tagbilaran. A basic hotel with good prices in the main town of the island.


Bohol Bee Farm Definitely a must-see. If you’re not staying there, at least check out their restaurant. If you’re neither checking in nor dining there, at least try the farm tour. There’s a lot going on in that bee farm, so much that it’s almost self-sufficient. Most of the dishes served in the restaurants use organic ingredients produced by their farm (they even produce their own ice cream!) – and many products from their very own backyard are packaged and sold at a souvenir shop loaded with Bohol Bee Farm-original goods.


The Peacock Garden Luxury Resort and Spa. A luxury boutique hotel located near Tagbilaran in nearby Baclayon.